The reign of the heavens society Temple has re-claimed Los Lunas Decalogue Stone!

Blue Mountains-Temple Seal copy

Published on the 358th  day, in the year of YHWH

(Translation : March 11, 2017)

by the reign of the heavens society Temple

International Notice

A motion was heard by the Temple assembly to re-claim Los Lunas Decalogue Stone as the intellectual and tangible property of the reign of the heavens. LINK
The motion was passed by the Temple assembly and now part of the history of the reign of the heavens has been returned to its rightful owner to be held in trust for future generations to come.
Read the complete International Notice: Here

Introducing the new Great Seal of the reign of the heavens!

Blue Mountains-Temple Seal copyPublished on 03-11-2016 by the reign of the heavens society Temple Society Board.


International Notice

The Society Board hereby introduces the new Great Seal of the reign of the heavens. The new Great Seal is more accurate and historically correct.


  • Before the Christians were called Christians, their symbol was the fish, the Tilapia to be exact. The Christian label was an overlay name to hide their true beginnings.
  • There were two reasons for this symbol.
  • 1: It represented go forth and be fruitful and multiply.
  • 2: It represented the breaking of the curse of Adam having to till the  
  •     ground through aqua-phonics.

The Society Board hopes the new Great Seal is enjoyed by many!


reign of the heavens great seal




Blue Mountains-Temple Seal copy Registered & Protected 081Q-WJDQ-1MH6-IBUZ


Sticker Offer

Hello members of the reign of the heavens Society Temple and anyone else that would like a sticker!
The Ministry of Trusts has printed vinyl stickers; approx. size 3-3/4″ x 7-1/2″ for the “Yahushuan Alliance”.
Each Temple member receives (1) free sticker. Each additional sticker is 5.00 USD.
To receive the “Yahushuan Alliance” sticker you may sent payment via PayPal to: :
You may send cash to:
NAC: 850H2 MR7C8-0019
c/o: Fibonnacci 1123, PMA
2910 S. Archibald #A645
Ontario, California

Here is what the stickers look like:
Yahushuan Alliance Sticker-1

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